What is it?


Functional Health

The goal of Functional Medicine is to understand the origins of diseases based exclusively on scientific studies.


The approach of Functional Medicine is to establish the development of the disease using a diet appropriate to the person and the problem to be addressed in the most natural way possible. 


Medicine is rarely used, precisely because it is a medicine that wants to bring Man back to his natural balance. In cases of necessity, the recourse to the pharmacopeia is however accepted.


Physicians involved in Functional Medicine are supported, in the definition and the right approach to the patient, by state-of-the-art laboratories, with tests ranging from the study of intestinal battery flora (e.g. production of digestive enzymes, such as types and quanta; intestinal permeability) to systemic infections, and Genetics is used to customize as much as possible the approach to the patient, using analysis that assesses all the various levels of vitamins and their synthesis by our

body, the levels of toxic substances, parabens, heavy metals, and anything else, which intoxicate our body and compromise its detox function.


We work on the emotional/psychological sphere as well as on the physical one, in search of a total, real well-being.

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(credit: Institue for Functional Medicine)