What is 'Functional Health,' and what to expect

When pain, fatigue or discomfort invades your daily life, over time, it extends to all aspects of your life. It impacts your mood and relationships with your family and friends.  

You go to your doctor for help with the medication you need to take.

If that doesn't work, you go from one specialist to another hoping for an answer just to get more pills. Frustration and fear sets in. What if there is no answer? What if I have to stay like this for the rest of my life? What if it gets worse and I become a burden to my family?

I hear you. I've heard this from many of my patients who came in with a multitude of different problems. Many of them were about to lose hope. Fortunately, there is hope.

I am Dr. Leonard Hardy. I have been working as a chiropractor for over 23 years from Sanrocco Clinic. My functional, holistic, integrative approach is dedicated to helping people who were not having success with pills or other forms of treatment.

Let's start with the assumption that when we have a chronic feeling of discomfort, some pathology has started to cause our pain, fatigue, etc. Even if you look for a doctor to rule out any pathology, many times health is the result of a functional problem. Unless there is a genetic defect, an infection, or you have experienced physical trauma, the body gradually begins to lose its vitality- going into a state of dysfunction first. If the dysfunction is allowed to continue, it can progressively worsen and eventually manifest into a disease, at which point medication, surgery, and other medical treatments are required.

Functional problems, on the other hand, are best addressed by using lifestyle changes and alternative methods such as chiropractic and specific nutritional supplementation over medicine.

Functional problems, on the other hand, are best addressed using lifestyle changes and alternative methods such as chiropractic and medicine-specific nutritional supplementation.

My goal is health, not disease. Health is an expression of how well your cells produce energy, how well your cells communicate with each other, and how well your life force flows.

The symptoms you might be feeling are warning signs, telling you that something is not right and needs to be addressed.

You may be wondering what caused the dysfunction in the first place.

Think of yourself as a bank, your currency, your energy.

Exercise, eat good healthy food, have positive thoughts, put your money in the bank....

On the other hand, you stress yourself out by working too much, staying out late, eating and drinking too much, and then you curse yourself the next morning - you take money out of the bank.

If you keep making more withdrawals than deposits, you're going to run out of money, or in this case energy.

Due to stress, whether physical, biochemical or emotional, blockages are created in your body that steal energy and prevent the free flow of communication and hinder your life force.

My integrative chiropractic approach given in the right place at the right time not only unblocks blocks in your body, but also frees your life force circulating and healing your body, thus restoring communication between your nervous system and the cells of your body.

My functional health approach restores cellular energy metabolism and cellular communication.

I recently had a new patient who came in with a diagnosis of sciatica.

Unable to walk without excruciating pain in his right leg, he needed to prepare to walk with a walker.

After much questioning, I examined him. Every muscle in his right leg was weak, putting a tremendous amount of stress on the site of the pain. If you know what questions to ask the body using muscle testing, the body will answer them. It never lies. I was able to find the one thing that strengthened his leg. It was a scar from a wound he got 30 years ago. I fixed the scar and he immediately strengthened every muscle in his right leg. I removed other blocks to his energy, told him what supplements to take and told him to come back the next week. The next time I saw him, he was definitely doing better. He still had to use the walker, but the pain was much worse. After the second treatment I told him to throw the walker out the window (metaphorically speaking). He hasn't used it since and the pain is gone. If I had treated it as simple sciatica like everyone before me, we would have never seen any improvement.

If you decide to visit, what can you expect?

On your first visit, you will be seen by our doctor.

It will rule out any pathology or anything that may be contraindicated to chiropractic care. If you were advised to go to a specialist or were not accepted for chiropractic treatment, you will not be required to pay for the initial visit.

In summary:

1. Before true pathology takes root, you go through a phase of dysfunction.

2. Your body emits warning signals that are cries for help. These can include, but are not limited to, fatigue, pain, and loss of movement.

3. Symptoms are an effect, not the cause.

4. It is much easier to treat a dysfunction than a pathology.

5. Dysfunction is treated with lifestyle changes, precise nutritional supplements, and integrated chiropractic adjustments.

6. 7. I use specific muscle testing to provide effective and precise corrections.

7. I believe that each person is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all treatment.

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